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Drop Off!

The times for drop off and pick up at the arena are below.  

JBF Chattanooga Consignors & Team Members ROCK!

The scoop on consigning:

JBF Chattanooga provides you with a large venue and over 4,000 shoppers to look at your items during the event!

  • Consignors earn 65% on items sold and volunteers earn 70 - 75%.
  • We have a $10 consignor fee to help with advertising & man-power for each event and many of the volunteer shifts qualify you to have your fee WAIVED!
  • Tagging site is always open for you to tag when best for you!

Consigning with JBF Chattanooga is EASY and puts money back in your pocket without all the hassle of a yard sale or diving to meet a perspective shoppers! 


  • HELP! We have several shifts that waive the consingor fee and volunteers earn an extra 5%.  one 4 hour shift is the minimum 
  • REDUCE & DONATE:  Statisics have shown us that consingors who reduce and donate their items sell 20 - 30% MORE of their items. ( It is a mental game with shoppers. If an item is priced to reduce on the last day a shopper is more likely to go ahead and purchase it thinking it may not be there the entire week.  Also the items marked to reduce will sell quicker on the discount day than those that are not). 

The March event is for all things needed for warm weather and the September event is for cool weather items.  

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JBF Chattanooga would not be possilbe without all the wonderful Team Members that help during an event.  We have many different shift options so you can fit it into your busy schedule.  ALL volunteers earn 70% of their sold items and shop first on presale day!  The benefits are endless and the minimum to help is ONLY 4 hours!  ALL shifts labeled Drop off/ Inspection and Sorting/Breakdown will qualify you to have your consignor fee waived.  


Volunteer Perks & Requirments:

  • 4 hour volunteers:  must work the minimum of four hours during the event, shops at 11am on presale day, and shops the 50% off presale at 9am on the discount day.
  • 8 hour volunteeers:  must work 8 hours during the event. shops at 10am on the presale day, and shops the 50% off  presale at 9am on discount day.
  • 12 hour volunteers: Must work 12 hours during the event. (Four of those hours MUST be during the breakdown & sorting shift, shops at 9am on the presale day, and shops the 50% off presale on Friday night day before discount day. 
  • 18 hour volunteers: These volunteers must have worked at least 8 hours at a previous event.  18 hour volunteers earn 75% of their sales and Must work a total of 18 hours during the event.  (Four of those hours MUST be during the breakdown & sorting shift ) shops the presale at 4:30pm on Friday 3/8, shops the discount day presale on Friday 3/15 at 4pm.
  • 18 Hour volunteers can NOT barter any ot their shifts.
  • 24 hour volunteers: These are also our Team Leaders and we have a limited number of 20 volunteers.  To be considered for 24 hour volunteering you must have volunteered at 2 previous JBF events and worked a minimum of 12 hours at each.  If you are interested in being considered for a Team Leader position please email stacyervin@jbfsale.com 
  • 24 Hour volunteers can not barter any of their shifts.

We have many barter shifts avaliable for those that can not be there during the event.  These shifts are limited and in high demand.  ALL shifts including the barters will be on the online schedule when it opens in January.



Original Drop off at Camp Jordan Arena:  

  • Tuesday March 5th 12pm - 8pm
  • Wednesday March 6th  9am - 5pm. 

If you have chose to reduce and donate ALL your items you will be able to use the Express Drop off Option.  Drop your items in the correct category on the sales floor and GO!  It is that easy and FAST!

Second Drop off: Sunday 3/10  9:30am - 11:00am This drop off is for large items/ furniture ONLY.  By appointment ONLY. Reserve your spot at 423-364-6097.

Mid- Week Drop off: Tuesday 3/12 ~ 2pm - 6pm  NO excpetions!  We will accept a limited number of 15 clothing pieces and unlimited for all other items.


  • unload your car (we do have rolling racks  and flatbed carts to use on a first come first serve basis.)
  • Check in at computer and sign waiver 
  • Pick up Consignor pass and volunteer pass (If you are a volunteer)
  • Drop off items in the correct drop zone.
  • Fill out car seat waiver or crib waiver if you have either and leave with item at large item drop zone. 
  • If you are not using Express Drop off you must wait for the inspection of your clothes and shoes and put them on the sales floor.  

Drop Zone Categories click here



You have a choice to donate your unsold items to Bethel Bible Village or Pick up your unsold items during the below times.  If you choose to donate you will get a receipt with your check to use for tax purposes. 

Pick up for all Unsold Items: Sunday March 17 12p - 2:30p

ALL items not picked up by 3pm will be donated to Bethel Bible Village.  

If someone else if picking up your items in your place please give them your consignor number to make the process as smooth as possible.  



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Infant to Size 14 clothing

JBF Chattanooga will accept childrens clothing that is the latest styles and fashions in sizes preemie - 14.  We will NOT accept Junior sizes unless the following brands and sizes:

  • Areopostale (sizes 0-2, xs,s,m)
  • Abercrombie (sizes 0-2, xs,s,m)
  • American Eagle (0-2, xs,s)
  • Justice (16-20)
  • Nike & Under Armor (size xs, s)
  • Hannah Anderson 16 - 18

All clothing items must be:

  • For Fall & Winter
  • Stain free
  • Odor free (we will not accept items with a strong odor of any kind.)
  • no holes, tears or ripped seams
  • Clothing should be hung with the hanger hook pointing left. (hanger will resemble a question mark when looking at front of item)
  • Hang size 0-6 on child-size hangers. Larger clothing (usually size 7-14) should be hung on adult-size hangers.
  • We will not accpet items that are faded, excessivly worn or out of date styles. (usually more than 5 years old)

If hanging shirt and pant set on 1 hanger, safety pin thru both clothing pieces AND through the top of hanger (this will prevent pants from weighing down the shirt and causing a possible tear). DO NOT safety pin pants to the bottom of the shirt.

Rubber band hangers together if selling multi piece items on multiple hangers. (remember to safety pin items together)

 If using a tagging gun remember this info: (get the 2" size barbs). Remember to be very careful when using a tag gun and tag through the size tag or inside lip in the neck area, or the shoulder seam, since we will not accept clothing with holes.

Safety pins: Please use 1" or larger safety pins: NO straight pins

Tag Location: Attach tag with a safety pin/tag gun to the LABEL OF SHIRT or UPPER RIGHT SIDE OF PANTS. You may also safety pin tag on upper right side of shirt, as you are looking at the item.
DO NOT attach tag to the sleeve,  or bottom of the garment. If you use a tag gun, tag through the size label or the inside lip in the neck area or shoulder seam.  If there isn’t a raised inside seam then attach tag with safety pin. Attach clothing sets together with safety pins, not tag guns. PULL on the tag to make sure it is properly secured and will not come off easily.
Tags MUST be pulled out (not tucked inside clothing) so they are easily visible.

Note: Sets sell well so match things up if you can. Make sure that the sizes are the same. If sizes are not the same Note this on the tag in ALL CAPS.
Note: As kids reach the pre-teen sizes (12-14), they are very particular. Clothing must be in excellent condition and very CURRENT style.

Extra step for item security:  Tags can be reinforced by placing a piece of packing tape around the top of the tag after pinning. This will help seter someone from switching tags.

Sleepers & Onsies

We do accept sleepers and onsies.  They must be on a hanger not in a ziploc bag.  We will accept long sleeve and short sleeve sleepers and onsies year around if 6 months or smaller.  We do not accept fleece sleepers at the Spring & Summer event.  

These types items are usually the first to get a stain since worn so much in the first couple of months.  Make sure your items are fresh and free of stains.


Each pair of shoes will go through a strict inspection during consignor drop off. Shoes must be in near perfect condition-we will be very picky. They do not have to be brand new, but look like new from top to bottom.

• Spring and summer shoes and sandals are accepted at the March sale.
• Fall and winter shoes and boots are accepted at the September sale.

• Athletic cleats must be in good condition. We also accept dance, tap, ballet shoes.

• We can NOT accept shoes that look worn, have any sign of dirt, debris or scuff marks. (please don't even go to the trouble to tag them, as we can not accept them)

Tagging shoes:  Connect shoes together with zip ties or strong ribbon to prevent lost shoes and tags. Do NOT connect shoes together with safety pin unless they are an infant soft shoe.  If your shoes are a high end brand and / or over $15.00 you do not have to connect them together.  Just tag one shoes and bring them together to the inspection area during drop off.  We will seperate the shoes for secutiry purposes until purchased.  

Note: Do not place shoes in bags or boxes. Infant sizes 0 -2 can be in small plastic bag.
Note: Clean all dirt and debris from shoes, including the bottom and wash them if needed. Magic erasers will remove scuff marks from most shoes.


We accept toys for Infants, Toddlers, Boys and Girls.  All toys must have ALL pieces that belong with the item.  If they toy takes batteries please replace batteries prior to drop off.  Test to make certain that items are working properly.

Please check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for any recalls. There is a link on our Facebook page for you to use anytime. 

Clean all items thoroughly. (Stained/ broken items will be removed from the sales floor)

Place small parts and accessories belonging to items in Ziploc/plastic bag. Tape bag shut. Fasten bag securely to the item with clear packing tape or small zip ties. 

You may group several items together (toys, rattles, puzzles, books, etc.) in a ziploc bag. Secure bag shut with clear tape.

Multi piece items that will not fit into a bag may be attached together with zip ties.

NO stuffed animals or Beanie Babies. (ONLY battery operated animals/characters or Build A Bears)

Pillow Pets are allowed if they are brand new with tags or in excellent, clean condition ONLY

Note: Attach tag to item with clear packing tape, safety pin, or by punching a hole in the top of the tag and securing with ribbon.

Books, Movies & Games

Games and puzzles must include ALL pieces and be in box/plastic bag. Tape shut with clear packing tape. Do not place tape on puzzle.  It will pull off the picture and ruin the puzzle.

Please work all puzzles and double check all games for ALL pieces.  

Movies:  NO explicit pg13 or rated R DVD's.
ALL movies must be for children.

We DO NOT accpet VHS movies

Books: We will accept children's books and homeschool curriculem books only.  We will no longer accept parenting books, pregnancy books or any other types of books that relate to adults.  

NOTE: You can place several books together in a ziploc bag and attach the tag to the bag.  Please do not place packing tape on a soft cover book that will tear the cover.  

Copy and paste this you tube link for more info on tagging these items: 


Bedding/ Room Decor

Due to saftely concerns from the CPSC we can no longer accept crib bedding.  For the bedding/ room decor section we will accept:

  • twin size bedding  
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Sheets: Crib, bassinet, pack & play and twin.
  • Pillow Pets that are brand new only
  • Crib size mattresses
  • Room Decor must be for a child.  No housware items (lamps, throw pillows, rugs, ect...unless they match the children's bedding you are bringing).

We will not accept:

  • Bedding for Full, Queen or King.
  • Crib bedding
  • bumper pads for cribs
  • Matresses for anything other than a crib.
  • Picture frames or Albums that are not for a childs room
  • Stuffed Animals unless battery opperated (ie..Tickle me Elmo) or Build A Bear that is clean and stain/ odor free.

We are not responsible for breakable items during the week.  Please remember a lot of little hands come through each event and your items are not guarenteed to stay safe from those hands. 


Baby Equipment & Furniture

Baby Equipment and furniture are HOT sellers at JBF.  Please read below to help you prepare these items. We will not accept any vintage baby equipment such as strollers, high chairs and walkers.  

Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for any recalls. If you have fixed a recall item we will accept it however please let the person at large item check in know that you have made the fix.


  • Clean all items thoroughly. (Stained items will be removed from the sales floor)
  • Test to make certain that items are working properly.
  • Battery operated items must include working batteries (these can be purchased inexpensively at dollar stores).
  • Place small parts/accessories belonging to items in Ziploc/plastic bag. Tape bag shut with clear packing tape. Fasten the bag securely to the item with clear packing tape, safety pin or small zip tie. Items must include ALL parts. 
  • Multi-piece items may be attached together with zip ties.
  • Wooden Furniture is accepted:  Chilren's and Household.  Must be sturdy and in good condition. Upholstered Glider Rockers and Rocking Chairs are accepted if clean and free of stains.

Note: Attach tag to item with clear packing tape, safety pin, or by punching a hole in the top of the tag and securing with ribbon.

Note: DO NOT use clear packaging tape to attach tag to an item that is made of cotton-like material (i.e. bouncy seat, pack ‘n play) the tag will fall off! It is best to use a safety pin for those items.

Note: If selling multiple items together, include how many items on tag.

CRIBS: We do accept cribs however they must have been manufactured after July 2011.

Car Seats & Booster Seats

• Car seats and Car Boosters cannot be older than 5 years old. (This is 5 years after the manufacture date.) Check the CPSC website for recalls or call the Dept of transportation 1-800-424-9393.

Note: You MUST attach completed Car/Booster seat waiver to the Car/Booster seat. You can print one from our website or we will have one for you to fill out at drop off. 

Note: The waiver requires the instruction manual for your seat.  If you do not have manual you can print one at the website. (ie... Graco.com ect...)

Miscellaneous Items

We will have an area for Infant Miscellanous Items, please read below on what is accepted and how to package.

  • Girl and boy accessories (hats, socks, bows, tights, etc.) may be tagged separately or grouped together in Ziploc/plastic bag, or with large safety pin.
  • Bibs, cloth diapers, bottles, dinnerware, wash cloths, safety items, nursing supplies, etc. may be tagged separately or grouped together in Ziploc/plastic bag or with large safety pin.
  • We DO NOT accept used pacifiers.  Please do not bring them. 
  • Blankets must be on hanger. Fold blanket over hanger and  safety pinned to make sure it doesn't slip off. You can package recieving blankets in large ziploc bag to go into a bin.
  • Hooded towels (folded neatly) may be tagged separately or grouped together in Ziploc/plastic bag or securely tied together with ribbon.
  • We DO NOT accept any types of used underwear or boxers. 

Note: Attach tag to item with clear packing tape, safety pin, or by punching a hole in the top of the tag and securing with ribbon.

Note: Place a piece of tape on tag before punching a hole. This will reinforce the tag so that it is not easily torn off your item.

Note: If selling multiple items together, include how many items on tag.

Maternity Items

Maternity items must be in excellent condition and up to date styles.  Please do not bring maternity clothing that is more than 6 years old, it does not sell well.  

Maternity clothing must be for the upcoming season only. 

We will allso accept new mommy items such as maternity belts, Nursing bras, breast pumps, ect...

Breast Pumps must be clean and sanatized and include the manual if electric.

Seasonal Clothing Quick Reference

For the Spring & Summer sale we accept things for warm weather only.  The exceptions to this are as follows:

  • Easter appropriate clothing (ie... lightweight sweaters for girls, pastel color button up, collared shirts for boys, suits for boys, lightweight pants & khakis)
  • limit 5 pair of blue jeans per consignor, per size.
  • long sleeve onsies and layering items if 6 months or smaller. (no fleece or sweatpants)
  • long sleeve footed jammies if 12 months or smaller. (no fleece or terrycloth)
  • rain jackets (without the heavy liner)
  • rain boots
  • cowboys boots

For the Fall & Winter sale we accept everything for cooler weather.  The exceptions are as follows:

  • Solid color polos that are school uniform appropriate. 
  • short sleeve t-shirts that are for a winter holiday or winter sport. (ie...Christmas shirt, football jersey)
  • we accept crocs year-round
  • we accpet cowboy boots year-round
  • short sleeve onsies and layering items that are 6 months or smaller.
  • short sleeve jammies if they have matching pants and are a complete set. 
  • sleeveless or short sleeve winter dress or skirt. (ie...valour, cordurory, ect...)

If you are in doubt or want to double check an item please email stacyervin@jbfsale.com 

Happy Tagging!


Presale Schedule

Pre-sale Shopping Schedule (Must present pass at door. One person per pass)

Friday March 8th

  • 2:30pm Team Leaders & 24 Hour Volunteers
  • 4:30pm 18 hour Volunteers

Saturday March 9th 

  • 9am 12 hour Volunteers
  • 10am 8 hour Volunteers
  • 11am  4 hour Volunteers
  • 12pm Consignors 
  • 3pm First Time Parents 
  • 3:30pm Consignor Friend Pass


Hangers & Tagging Guns

HANGER INFO: Hangers can be plastic tube, department store, wire, plastic coated wire or pant clip hangers. When hanging pants, attach safety pins to the TOP part of the hanger to ensure that pant will not slide. The best hangers to use for pants are clip hangers like the ones used in department stores.

You MUST use child size hangers for sizes 0-6 and larger hangers for sizes 7-14.

Clothing items are sold on hangers, so hangers will not be returned to consignor. However, unsold clothing will be returned on hangers. Hangers can be found inexpensively at most discount stores such as Wal-Mart and Dollar Stores. Several department stores will give you leftover hangers. If you need a lot, you could ask to purchase them.

TAGGING GUNS: You may use a tagging gun to tag your items however we DO NOT accept items with holes.  This includes holes made by a tagging gun so make sure you tag your items through the inside tag, inside lip of the neck area or the shoulder seam. The tag must fall on the outside of the shirt so it is easily seen by shoppers. (Do not tag at the bottom hem or sleeve.)

If using a tagging gun get the 2" size barbs




Stacy Ervin

P: 423-364-6097

Hey bargain shoppers! Thanks so much for your interest in JBF Chattanooga.  As a mother of 2 growing children I understand how fast they need everything and how expensive it can be on your family.  JBF is designed to help parents get what they will need for their family for the upcoming season, at a fraction of what you would pay retail, and make a little extra cleaning out those gently loved items your family has outgrown.  We also love to help families that are in need and give back to the community by donating many unsold items to Bethel Bible Village.  Your donations help this community and we are grateful for your generosity!