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First Time Parents

Congrats on your newest addition or upcoming delivery.  We want to provide you with a one stop shop for everything you may need for the newest bundle of joy!  

To qualify as a First Time Parent:

  • You may be pregnant with your first child
  • Your first child is 12 months or younger
  • You are a foster parent or new adopting parent

If you meet any of these qualifications you are invited to shop our first Time Parents Presale on Saturday March 9th at 3:30pm. Tickets are free and you will be able to get tickets starting January 12th..  You and a guest can shop free admission with the ticket and all additional guest with you are $10 each.  Click Here to sign up as a first time parent. 

Please Note:  Lines may be long and it will be crowded.  No children are allowed during the presale unless a NON-WALKING infant being worn. This is for their safety.  No strollers, wagons or infant carriers are allowed on the presale day.  


More info about the SHIFTS and BARTERS

If you are wondering what shifts are on the schedule you can get that info here.

BARTERS:  We know life is busy and your days are short.  We have several barter options for you to take advantage of if you simply can not volunteer during an event. Remember these usually get taken first and will on the schedule will all other shifts.  

12 hour barters- This barter should cost you between $35-$45. Each of these barters are equal to a 12 hour shopping pass. These can be dropped off Mon 3/4 between 12p - 6p or Tuesday 3/5 9am - 8pm at Camp Jordan Arena.  If you can not drop off at this time please do not sign up for a barter shift.

  • Water- you will provide 8 cases (24 bottle=1 case) of water 
  • Soft Drinks - you will provide seven 12-packs of any of the following (Coke, Diet coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Mello Yello, Fanta)
  • copies - 350 black and white copies of a document which will be sent to you through email closer to the event.
  • Supplies - you will provide envelopes or copy paper.  Your shift description (when you sign up for the shift) will tell you which to purchase from Office Depot.
  • snacks- you will provide individually wrapped snacks for the volunteers to have during the week of the event.  (ie...peanut butter crackers, cheez-its, chips, baked goods, pretzels, ect...) 
  • garbage bags- you will provide 3 boxes of tall kitchen bags.  These need to be purchased at Sam's or Costco. 
  • Stamps - you will provide 100 first class stamps to be used when mailing checks to consignors.

8 hour barters- This barter should cost you between $20-$30. Each of these barter will be equal to an 8 hour shop early pass.  

  • Soft Drinks- you will provide four 12-packs of soft drinks, any of the following (Coke, Diet coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Mello Yello, Fanta)
  • garbage bags- you will provide 2 boxes of tall kitchen bags.  These need to be purchased at Sam's or Costco.
  • Kitchen items - 1 package of disposable plates, napkins, and utensils. (No Styrofoam)


General Volunteer shift- When you look at the online schedule there will be short description of your shift.  ALL shifts that are labeled Drop off/ Inspection or Sorting / Breakdown will waive your $10 consignor fee.  

Reminders for shift requirments:

Volunteer Perks & Requirments:

  1. 4 hour volunteers:  must work the minimum of four hours during the event, shops at 11am on presale day 9/15, and shops the 50% off presale at 9am on 9/22
  2. 8 hour volunteeers:  must work 8 hours during the event. shops at 10am on the presale day 9/16 and shops the 50% off  presale at 9am on 9/23.
  3. 12 hour volunteers: Must work 12 hours during the event. (Four of those hours MUST be during the breakdown & sorting shift, shops at 9am on the presale day 9/16 and shops the 50% off presale on Friday  9/22 at 5pm.
  4. 18 hour volunteers: These volunteers must have worked at least 8 hours at a previous event and we take a limited number of only 25 volunteers.  18 hour volunteers earn 75% of their sales and Must work a total of 18 hours during the event.  (Four of those hours MUST be during the breakdown & sorting shift ,shops the presale at 5:00pm on Friday 9/15, shops the discount day presale on Friday 9/22 at 4:30pm.

18 Hour volunteers can NOT barter any ot their shifts.



What is NEW for 2018?

1) Barter Breakdown/sorting shift - For 2018 we will be adding a barter breakdown shift.  This shift will be a 5 hour shift and will qualify you for an 8 hour pass.  This shift can not be combined with any additional shift for a higher pass.  If tyou are only shiging up for one shift and you choose this one you will get an 8 hour pass.  

2) We will have a drop zone drop off and be cahnging the hours of drop off since it will not take as long to drop off with zones.  This will be more of a drop and go drop off and will help us with orgainzing.  You will now arrive at drop off, check in and bring your items to the drop zones which are labeld with categories.  Your clothing and shoes will no longer be inspected while you wait, instead we will hold your unaccepted items until pick up.  Please click here for more info about drop zones.  



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Stacy Ervin

P: 423-364-6097

Hey bargain shoppers! Thanks so much for your interest in JBF Chattanooga.  As a mother of 2 growing children I understand how fast they need everything and how expensive it can be on your family.  JBF is designed to help parents get what they will need for their family for the upcoming season, at a fraction of what you would pay retail, and make a little extra cleaning out those gently loved items your family has outgrown.  We also love to help families that are in need and give back to the community by donating many unsold items to Bethel Bible Village.  Your donations help this community and we are grateful for your generosity!