Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!


Schedule of Events

July 19, 2014 ~ Signups and Volunteer schedule will open

September 12 - ALL sign ups are closed for computer uploads.

September 16 ~ 8:30am - 4pm  - Truck Unloading and set up.

September 17 ~ 8:30am Set up

10am - 7pm Consignor Drop off (NO late drop offs will be accepted)

September 18 ~ 10am - 7pm Consignor Drop off (NO late drop offs will be accepted)

September 19  ~ 12:30 - 4:30 Organizing and sale Prep

5pm - 9pm ~ 24 hour volunteer presale

September 20 ~ PRESALE DAY!

9am ~ 12 hour volunteers

10am ~ 8 hour volunteers

11am ~ 4 hour volunteers

12pm - 7pm ~ Consignor shopping

2pm - 7pm ~ Consignor Guest shopping

3pm - 7pm ~ First Time Parent shopping for registered parents (Click here to register)

NO Children at the Presale until 5:30p, at that time you may use your consignor pass and shop with children.

September 21-27  ~ Open to Public / Free Admission

Sunday ~12 pm - 7pm

Monday ~ 10am - 7pm

Tuesday ~ 10am - 5pm

5:30pm - 7pm Mid Week Drop off for consignors registered for this sale (NO Late drop offs accepted)

Wednesday ~ 10am - 7pm New items on sales floor

Thursday ~ 10am - 5pm

Friday ~ 10am - 4pm

4:30pm - 7:30pm ~ 24 hour volunteer & Guest       1/2 off shopping

5:30pm - 7:30pm ~ 12 hour volunteer & Guest shopping (does not include barter volunteers)

September 27 ~ 1/2 off Sale! 8am - consignor shopping ~ 10am - 4pm Open to Public ~ Many items will be 1/2 OFF!

September 28 ~ 1pm - 3pm ~  Pick up of unsold items. (No exceptions for times, all items not picked up by 3pm will be donated to Bethel Bible Village)

Mon September 29 ~ 8:30am Clean up and Load Truck

Check Pick up time ~ TBA

All Checks not picked up will be mailed 2 weeks after sale is over


Presale Info

The Presales are VERY crowded. For the safety of all, children, strollers and wagons are NOT allowed during presales. Any cart of basket must meet approved dimensions.  Nothing larger than 30 inches tall/high and 20 inches wide/across. 

Lines may be long, please be prepared to wait. We will have a hold area for your large items while you shop, however we do not hold items overnight.

Children age 12 and older can attend the Presale but they must use their own pass.

We DO NOT have fitting rooms avaliable during the presale.


Directions: Need a Map?

I-75 to East Ridge Exit (exit 1)

From North: Left off exit ramp onto Ringgold Road. Left at first traffic light (Camp Jordan Parkway)

From South: Exit 1B, left at first traffic light (Camp Jordan Parkway)

“I shopped at my first JBF sale and WOW! You would not BU-LEEVE the bargains I found! Saved HUGE and feel like one Smart Mamma!” Sue | Charlotte, NC

“I will never shop retail again. Really, why should I? There’s too many great deals at JBF.” Megan | Richmond, VA

“I went one time with my friend when I was expecting my first child. Now on my fourth child, I have not shopped anywhere else. Everything I need is right here, from shoes to costumes to toys...really. It’s ALL HERE!” Carrie | Montgomery, AL

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